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Fundamental Hyperpigmentation Weekly At-home Treatment

Daily Care Regimen

The Pore-Refining Treatment is the perfect at-home weekly treatment option for hyperpigmentation that may also be used like a mask.

It incorporates the alphahydroxy acid mandelic acid, which provides cellular exfoliation, papain from papaya which provides enzymatic exfoliation and rice power and pumice which provides physical exfoliation. This unique triple exfoliating treatment will purify the skin and sweep away melanin induced dead cellular debris from the surface of the skin, resulting in an immediate brighter complexion.

Correct Cleanse

1. Pigment Bar® – Create a lather and apply to the area of treatment and allow to sit on the skin for two minutes. Remove with warm water and pat dry.


2. Nutrient Toner – Apply with a cotton pad to prep the skin. Allow the skin to dry. This product may sting or tingle on some individuals.


3. Pore-Refining Treatment – Apply an even layer over the entire face. Leave on for 5 minutes. Remove with water.


4. Pigment Gel® HQ Free – Apply one to two pumps to areas of discoloration.

5. C&E Advanced and Vitamin b 3 Brightening Serum – Apply a pea-sized amount of the C&E Advanced and one to two pumps of the Vitamin b 3 Brightening Serum, blend together and apply to the entire area of treatment.

6. Intensive Brightening Treatment: 0.5% Pure Retinol Night – Apply a pea-sized amount to the entire area of treatment.

Hydrate and Protect

5. ReBalance and Daily Defense SPF 50+  – Complete the treatment with this combination to calm, hydrate and protect the skin from UVA and UVB exposure.