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Pre-treatment for Hyperpigmentation

Daily Care Regimen

Pre-treating your patients two weeks prior to a procedure will accelerate results and provide a better patient outcome. This regimen contains products that will help to inhibit melanogenesis, brighten and protect from environmental offenders for patients with normal to dry skin concerned with hyperpigmentation.


1. Cleanse with the Facial Wash. Blot the skin with a dry tissue or cotton to remove any residual traces.

2. Apply one to two pumps of Pigment Gel® HQ Free to areas of facial wrinkling and laxity.

4. Apply a pea-sized amount of C&E Advanced with one to two pumps of Vitamin b3 Brightening Serum to increase intracellular moisture, collagen and elastin and reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

5. Apply one pump of Hydrator Plus Broad Spectrum SPF 30 blended with a pea-sized amount of ReBalance for broad spectrum UV protection and daytime moisture.


1. Cleanse with Pigment Bar.

2. Apply one to two pumps of Pigment Gel® HQ Free to areas of hyperpigmentation.

3. Apply one to two pumps of Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum to increase  surface hydration as well as deeper hydration within the epidermis.

4. Apply a pea-sized amount of Intensive Brightening Treatment: 0.5% pure retinol night to reduce rough cellular buildup and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis.

5. Apply ReBalance for nourishing and anti-inflammatory evening moisture.