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Combination Skin: Gently Exfoliate

How to Treat

Weekly exfoliation is important for combination skin in order to achieve optimal results. In areas of excessive oiliness as well as dryness benefit from having a layer of dead cellular buildup that should be lifted and exfoliated off to reveal smooth hydrated cells. This will also increase the skin’s ability to hold on to vital hydration, relieving future signs of dryness The key is to choose a formulation with exfoliating ingredients that are recognized by the body and is complimented by anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients. Daily exfoliating treatments should be avoided as this can irritate and dry out the skin. Instead, try just once a week. This can reduce irritation associated with harsh scrubbing.

Ingredient to look for are AHA’s that are natural constituents of our skin; lactic acid, and citric acid, ingredients high in essential fatty acids such as; sunflower seed oil, borage seed oil, grape seed oil, evening primrose oil and rose hip seed oil and anti-inflammatory ingredients; allantoin, oat kernel extract, bisabolol, aloe vera and silymarin.