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Combination Skin: Control Sebum Production

How to Treat

Since combination skin can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin) it is likely this skin type needs slightly different care in different areas of the face. Here are a few key recommendations for your combination skin types to best control sebum production.

Apply oil controlling product formulations in the T-zone area only such as; a salicylic acid and azelaic acid spot treatment, oil and impurity absorbing charcoal mask and pumpkin enzyme toner.

In addition, incorporating a skin mattifying gel will help to tighten pores and dramatically reduce shine with ingredients such as; ethyl linoleate and hyxyleresorcinol, enantia chlorantha bark extract, oleanolic acid and niacinamide.

Also, remember a moisturizer is essential to controlling the production of sebum and not over drying other areas of the skin. A hydrator that is quick-absorbing, with a non-oily feel that will help balance the skin’s natural oil production is what to look for. The ingredient blend that will achieve this is niacinamide, borage seed oil, wheat  amino acids and bisabolol.