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Acne: Decrease Propionibacterium Proliferation

How to Treat

Using antibacterial and antimicrobial topical agents, and oral or topical antibiotics (when applicable) are suitable ways to control the bacteria population. Topical oxygen sources, such as benzoyl peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, effectively deliver oxygen to the follicle, killing the anaerobic bacteria. Acne patients who use topical agents that help increase the cell turnover rate of their skin, combined with gentle exfoliation, ensure that P. acnes will not be trapped in a deoxygenated environment and allowed to proliferate.

In-office treatments that increase circulation and blood flow will deliver oxygen, leading to a decrease in P. acnes, and assist in the clearing of active lesions. A light massage during the application of products will also increase circulation. Avoid massage in grades III and IV acne, where cross-contamination may occur.