Dry Skin: Restore Moisture

How to Treat

The ideal moisturizer for dry skin should be free of fragrance and dyes, as they can cause unnecessary irritation. Moisturizing dry skin should at a minimum take place once a day and many times twice a day is necessary. It is recommended to apply the moisturizer soon after cleansing the skin or showering because applying it at this time can help the skin retain moisture.

If the skin is extremely dry, flaky and cracked a petrolatum-based product with other emollient ingredients such as; silymarin, shea butter and panthenol are best. This blend of ingredients will help heal compromised skin, reduce inflammation and boost healing.

Another area of treatment is the lips as they can be dry, chapped, or cracked as well. The lip product formulation should contain ingredients that help the delicate lip area hold onto moisture as well as hold it in such as; sodium hyaluronate and tocopherol (Vitamin E) a fat soluble antioxidant.