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Sensitive Skin: Gently Exfoliate and Increase Cell Turnover

How to Treat

Proper selection of gentle exfoliating treatments will remove surface buildup without causing irritation. This is important in the treatment of sensitive skin, as it will allow for better skin function and improved cell turnover rates. Each of the PCA SKIN® recommended treatments for rosacea and sensitive skin include anti-inflammatory components to soothe inflammation and redness. Mechanical exfoliants such as microdermabrasion should be avoided in the treatment of rosacea and irritated sensitive skin conditions.

A group of ingredients that are quite effective at this are retinoids. This family of vitamin A derivatives helps to increase cellular proliferation and turnover, bringing healthy cells to the surface more quickly, especially with sensitive skin. The agent used must be chosen carefully, as some of the more popular retinoids (Retin-A®) can be very irritating to some sensitive skin types. Retinol is a more gentle vitamin A derivative that is highly effective, yet non-irritating at lower percentages. Using a daily care product with retinol in proper encapsulation, such as the OmniSome delivery system, irritation is minimized. It is also recommended to combine retinol ¬†with additional ingredients to reduce inflammation and redness, and soothe the skin, such as: InflashieldTM, niacinamide, ceramide NP, dimethyl sulfone and silybum marianum fruit extract, hexylresorcinol, and bisabolol. The use of anti-inflammatory, superficial chemical peels will also help increase cell turnover, allowing for better skin and barrier function.