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Increase Matrix Proteins

How to Treat

Multiple studies support that the topical application of certain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), peptides, botanicals and vitamins trigger collagen production, increasing skin firmness and decreasing fine lines. Using products that contain multifaceted ingredients, such as retinol and vigna aconitifolia seed extract, increase collagen and cell turnover. Combining peptides with intensive hydration will naturally plump the skin while decreasing the appearance of lines. Daily application of these advanced topical solutions is imperative to reducing the signs of aging.

In addition, incorporating glycosaminoglycans (GAG) into your daily regimen will help keep collagen and elastin fibers in good condition. GAG are essential to the epidermal and dermal cells’ metabolism. GAG consist of hyaluronic acid, mucopolysaccharides and chondroiton sulphates. Their main function is to maintain and support the collagen, elastin and turgor within cellular spaces maintaining normal healthy skin.