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Melasma: Gently Exfoliate

How to Treat

The closer pigment lies to the surface of the skin, the darker it appears to the naked eye. Many are fooled into thinking that the problem has been corrected after one treatment of microdermabrasion or one superficial peel because pigment will appear lighter to the naked eye. With natural cell turnover, it is only a matter of time before deeper pigment will rise to the surface, making the area appear dark once again. It is for this reason that it is usually necessary to have multiple treatments to lift pigmentation.

Using gentle peeling agents that do not cause undue trauma to the skin in conjunction with melanogenesis inhibitors is a more effective treatment path than simple exfoliation. Gentle peeling agents not only lift the pigment, but also inhibit the production of new pigment by the melanocytes. Many of the PCA SKIN® professional treatments are formulated with melanogenesis inhibitors to make this process even easier.